Syd Dunton, woodworker and sculptorSyd Dunton is a creative woodworker who places his Studio furniture on the fine line of art and function. His innovative employment of marquetry in both his 3-dimensional sculpture and his 2-dimensional wall art are meticulous in their support of an abstract statement and reveal an artist passionate about his artwork; one who is always reaching out to new ideas while displaying a solid technique in a genuinely original body of work.

A full time woodworker for over thirty-eight years, Mr. Dunton has his home and studio in the mountains of Los Gatos, California. He attended San Jose State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Art and his Master’s Degree in Sculpture. He is represented by JCO’S Art Haus in Los Gatos and by Made In Pescadero in the town on Pescadero.

You are invited to visit this site and become aware of his love and appreciation for the unique beauty that each piece of wood offers. The natural edge of a slab is often displayed in his furniture while stunning sculptures and bold wall pieces of exotic woods might grace your home and office. Welcome!